Challenging Myself, starting a 2 weeks custom challenge

Hi everyone ! Hope you had a great week end. Mine is coming to an end after a light week.

It's only been 5 weeks since I had the green light from my doctors to workout again. I've done Burn 1. I struggled from time to time but manage to do almost all extra credit so kind of proud of myself since I almost didn't work out since december. Even if the last days of the program were hard, as I felt a bit less energetic, it was overall good to be back at it.

This last week, my sister came visiting me with her 2 kids so the focus wasn't on the workouts. Only did a brutal lower body strengh monday and then walks for the rest of the week. Despite a bad weather, I stayed active, even if it wasn't very intense. And it was a good week for the mind. Also stayed on track diet wise, so happy with that too.

So, after this short break, tomorrow I'm starting a 2 weeks own custom challenge with some various brutal workouts that I like. Here's what it looks like :

What I need : Dumbells, mat, dice (yes dice, 5 d6), a 3 km distance run, a steep hill (yes a hill), a towel, liters of water, healthy snacks, music, motivation and, of course, me

Today'song : Song of Myself - Nightwish

Week 1 "All that great heart lying still and slowly dying"

WO1 : "Short 21/15/9 Lower" independant lower strength + FB pilates burnout round

WO2 : "Unbalanced" Core / Balance both FB. The balance part should be "fun" after the first day.

WO3 : "Short 21/15/9 Upper" Independant upper strength + 3 km run

WO4 : "Recover" Core/recovery cardio

WO5 : "Enigmatic Gamble" Independant total body either intense or too easy, I'll know when I'll roll the dice.

WO6 : "Piano black" Stretching/recovery

Week 2 "All that great heart lying still on an angelwing"

WO7 : "Full 21/15/9 Upper" Killing independant upper strength + FB core burnout

W08 : "Full 21/15/9 Lower" killing independant lower strength

WO9 : "Falling awake" core/balance

WO10 : "Punch and kick" Cardio kickboxing

WO11 : "Curahee" (1st specific training of the year) definitly kill those legs running up and down a steep hill.

WO12 : "Immortal" well deserve stretching.

I'll post every day the workout + my feelings of the day and the music I have in mind so you have a glance to my crasy silly universe. If that's ok, of course. I think it will help me stay motivated (even if I'm the only one interested in it :)) and it will remind me everything I have to focus on during the workout.

Sorry for the long self centered "speech"

Let me know what you think of all this, if you'd like ! :)