Some suggestions


Some suggestions after being using the website as a FB plus member for some months now.

Sorry if they're about tiny details sometimes ;) Probably because i'm in IT myself ;)

Community part of the website:

1. creating a "suggestions" subtopic for the "Customer Support/Help" subtopic.

Workout videos:

2. After having collected some favorite videos, i noticed that it would be a very big plus, to be able to not only mark a video as favorite, but also to give it a score, for example from 1 to 5 stars with 0.5 (of even lower) increments for example. And by displaying these starts underneath the video (for example between the "favorite" symbol and the "add to calendar" symbol. And by also adding an option to sort on this rating via the filters option in the "workout videos" section.


3. When you schedule a program in the calendar, the training days aren't numbered sequentially. Sometimes you jump for example from day 5 to day 7. I get this because you insert a rest day on day 6, but in my opinion this gets very weird if you start rescheduling days yourself afterwards. Then you can have day 5 directly followed by day 7.

4. Some stupid small detail, but when you click on a certain day in the calendar, you get arrow symbols in the upper left and upper right corner to navigate to the previous and next day. These arrow are always on the same position. When you're in the month "view" these arrows are left and right from the name of the month and because the length of the month name isn't always the same, the arrow keys are never in the same position, which makes it not possible to "click" back multiple months in a row. You have to move the mouse the whole time.

5. Make it possible to drag/drop trainings from one day to another.

this makes rescheduling a lot easier. Now i have to sometimes deletea whole week and reschedule everything.But i know this would require a complete makeover of the calendar which is a lot of work. But this would also give for example the opportunity to more quickly reschedule a whole program. and give the calendar an even more professional look i think.

Account settings:

6. As someone who is not living in the US, i find it sometimes annoying having a MM/DD/YYYY date notation. It would be great to have an extra setting where one can indicate which date notation he/she prefers. Because you have to face it, Because you guys are so good, you have members all around the globe...

Custom workouts:

7. I created a few custom workout which i am using on a very regular base. (i use these to schedule exercises the PT asked me to perform x time a week for x number of weeks. I just schedule everything, Super handy! ). But i am missing some options to format the text like being able to change font/font size/heading type, making something bold, italic,... So it would be great if we had something a "button bar" with some options on top of the text field.

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