Perspiration Pals -August 30

Heya lovely P Pals,

How's it going? What plans this Sunday? 🙂

For me, it's a rest day and oh well, that meme depicts my sentiments really 😮 Kinda want rest days, kinda want it to pass quickly so I can get to my workouts too 😏 (okay, okay I know the importance of rest days...but 🙃) Not sure, what program I start tomorrow, but excited anyway 😆

It's still a rainy, lazy, slow Sunday here (France), how's it for you? What workouts are you doing and how do you feel about your rest days? Are you like me, or you loovvee your rest days (oh I do too, but you know how that be)? 🤭

Here's to a fine Sunday and a good start to the week to us 🤗

P. S. Sorry about not being able to respond well yesterday evening, but so much fun reading all your stories ☺

P. P. S. Magda, you lurker, if you see this and traveling today, we all wish you the best and safe travels. Will miss you 🤗