I have a rant about the perception of women's bodies in the fitness industry or social media


Whenever I see a Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) video advertisement on Facebook or Instagram I see a slew of comments from women commenting that she is too skinny, or that she doesn't look fit enough to be showing strength workouts because "obviously" she doesn't do them herself. I'm not a BBG fan myself, but I can see that Kayla works hard, and she can do pull-ups like a boss so I'm not too concerned that she isn't "fit" enough to teach other people how to be fit. Nonetheless, she is still constantly judged for her body type. If she was 70 lbs heavier I assume the same judgment would be thrown such as "How can she expect to show us how to be fit when she is clearly not fit herself"

I've always thought the Fitness Blender crowd was much more knowledgeable on what health and fitness really means, but lately I've been seeing comments about Kelli's body on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook that are really outside of what Fitness Blender is all about. I'm sure people mean well in their comments, but they aren't understanding it comes from a place of judgment towards women that we really should be working together to eradicate.

Let's ask ourselves, how often do we notice changes in Daniel's physique? How often are we saying "Oh Daniel, you look to be in a bulking phase right now." Or "Oh Daniel, you've really lost a lot of body fat recently."

Why are we fixated on what women do with their bodies? As if there's almost no way as a woman to exist that is just "right" to avoid scrutiny. I don't want to feel pressure this way, and I'm sure you don't either.

I see these comments come mostly from other women towards women. I wish they would stop. I wish we could stop talking about someone else's body all together, unless that person has presented a reason to talk about/celebrate their body such as "Check out my mad gains this month" or "Woo I reached my goal of losing 5 lbs!"

I don't know what the answer is really, but as women let's just take the pressure off of ourselves and everyone else, right? Am I right here? Let's just be ourselves and let others be themselves and be happy and supportive and awesome and gorgeous and everything else! \endrant