HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group August 28

Hello to all these beautiful, smart, healthy and strong people from this amazing community!

Another week is almost ending! 😱 This year is really going fast! We are almost in september already! But, for now, it's friday and my mind and body know it! 💃🏻

Let's just remember that everyone is welcome here! This thread is open for anyone who wants to join! You are always welcome!

So, because today is friday, I think this is a proper thought of the day!

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style" Maya Angelou.

There is not much to say about it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean, it just says it all! More than living, just because, I want to enjoy my life. I want to thrive and live a life full of love, laughs, dancing, learning, family, friends, tears (sometimes, tears are needed), growing experiences, etc! 😊

What does this thought make you think or feel? Do you want to thrive or you just want to survive? Every story and answer will be respected!

Let's talk workouts and food now!

For workouts, I have scheduled an upper body strenght workout and I am adding another short upper body strenght workout for some extra burn 💪🏼 And, for food, breakfast is going to be scrambled eggs with toasts and a kiwi. Lunch is going to be the leftovers of the shredded chicken with veggies of lunch yesterday and baked potatoes and spicy guacamole (some of you might have already noticed how much I Iove guacamole 🤤). And, dinner, probably the same chicken as lunch with cucumber. I tried to make more than enough chicken to have for a couple of days and, that way, it is easier to just warm it up and have with something else. I don't enjoy to be all day in the kitchen 😅 So, when I can, I try to save me some time from being there!

So, what is on your menu today? Any enjoyable workout or delicious meal?

By the way, what are you plans for this weekend? Something fun or relaxing?

For me, even when the president already said that everything is going to reopen and that everyone can go out already, here we are still going to be quaratined for our own good. The situation is not getting better and they are not making good investments to the healthcare system for the situation to improve 😔 Actually, currently Colombia is the country with the deadliest covid-19 outbreak per capita. So, we are going to keep staying at home for some more time. We are very thankful because we actually can do that, I know so many people can't or don't have this privilege.

So, here, we are going to watch some Netflix, maybe continue learning some Japanese and, probably, as usually on weekends, we will order some food from a favorite restaurant. Besides that, nothing much. What about you? Can you go out already? Are you planning to do something this weekend? Even just relaxing and enjoying a nice nap is something! 😊

Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and positive! And, smile and thrive, it is friday!! 😁

Happy day!