Kind of before and after pics

Hi FB family,

I just wanted to share my progress.

“Stop doubting yourself. You only fail when you stop trying.”

With lock down I decided to change my diet and workout smarter. The hardest part for me was to belief in myself and get started and with the support of this community it was possible for me to actually manage to reach my goal. Something I didn’t think would ever happen and for sure not to me. Working out wasn’t my problem but I struggled with food almost my whole life, however for some reason this time it seems that something changed in my mindset. I never had such a long period where I was at peace with food. I changed my diet by taking all processed foods out and most importantly I took almost all bad sugars out. So, no more sweets except for once a week maybe and then in moderation. It is easier for me to stay away from sweets, then to try to fit it in each day. That is just too much stress for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t eat all of those things anymore, I do, but not on a regular basis. Of course, it didn’t work right away, there were days and weeks which didn’t work at all, but I learned to get right back into it, and quitting was never an option. So since lock down I am cooking only free FB recipes, which is a lot of fun and so far, I did ABS 2, the blue-ribbon community challenge, feel the pulse, the beast and the Kelli-belly challenge. I thank everyone who organized the challenges. Lea, Magda, Ashley. I also did some individual workouts.

My goal was to lose 10kg/22pounds which I gained last year in just 8 weeks without any reason. I got even my blood checked, but everything seemed ok. I hope my weight loss was healthy with around 500g per week, sometimes even a bit less. I don’t count calories, but I estimated that I am in a caloric deficit of around 200 sometimes maybe 300 calories. I’m with 151cm quite small and my TDEE said something from around 1700 calories per day so I couldn’t go much lower in my daily calorie deficit without getting very hungry. I am now on a healthy weight with 54kg for my size and I am very happy with that.

So, I lost the full amount, and I lost 10cm belly fat. It is so amazing to fit in my old clothes again. But most importantly I am at peace with food. No more fighting, struggling or cravings. It is amazing how much cognitive capacity is now freed up to enjoy life even more.

It might be unnecessary to say that I am absolutely amazed that it is possible, and I feel sooo happy, fit and healthy. And I feel strong, not just physically, but mentally. I’m in a very good place right now.

About the pictures. I didn’t make before pictures, because I hated it so much to see myself in a picture. So there literally don’t exist any pictures of me being overweight. Not sure if it is visible, but I took a picture of my belt. I started with hole two and by now I’m at hole seven. I think the picture below is self-explanatory. The change might doesn’t look huge, but to me it’s more than just weight and body size. It’s a mindset.

Besides just keeping going and doing what I do right now, my next goal is to fit in every single item in my wardrobe comfortably. I’m particularly looking at a dress I bought in my early twenties, I’m now 42, I fit in though, but I can’t move or even sit in it. It is nothing which has to happen right away, or even ever. I’m very happy where I am right now, but I like little challenges. So, we will see.

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy.