Checking in; Walk in the woods + FBStrong + FB gear


Loki was pouting because we made him get out of a mud puddle 😹

We finally had a dry enough day to get outside. It was so cold though. I had gloves on and a warm jacket over 2 sweaters and still couldn't feel my fingers after a mile! It was short lived outdoor time but still so very refreshing.

How are you? Did you guys have a good week? Did you fit in at least a couple of sweat sessions? Are you eating well and talking nicely to yourselves and others? Sounds cheesy but I think that's part of wellbeing :D

FB updates:

➡️ Fitness Blender & Workout Complete merch

🔜 New 4 Week FB Strong launches this Sunday! It will go live on this page. See you then 👋