Feels so good!

Hi all,

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around how much FB and this community have helped change my life. Not only am i physically healthier but mentally healthier and happier as well! Being inspired by all of you I wanted to share my before & after pics *gulp*

So- I started documenting my journey May 5 (a couple weeks after discovering FB & was mainly doing the ‘3 Day Flexibility Chalenge’ on repeat). At that point I was also about 3.5 months postpartum. I also have a pretty significant diastasis recti, with a score of a 3 at my worst part (that i have most likely had since my 1st pregnancy 12 years ago but never knew about or even knew that condition existed). Since then I have completed FB low impact and FBFit2. I completed both programs with just a good yoga mat and a set of 3 and 5 pound weights. I also have not adopted any new eating plans besides just being more aware of what i eat and trying to make better choices. I am happy to say I have reached my goal weight and can see and feel the changes to my body. I can touch my toes (never before in my life), run/hike longer, i can see ‘baby’ abs, and on and on!

If anyone is wondering- because of the diastasis recti I did have to modify some of the ab workouts. To do that i just did research online and I also follow another program by Alaphamamas to help with that. But i believe that since FB focuses a lot on core or whole body workouts both FB programs have helped close up my diastasis recti with just minor modifications. So with that said- please don’t judge my mommy pouch- it’s still a work in progress! Ok here goes...