FB Vegitarian Meal Plan advice

I currently own both omnivore versions of the FB meal plan and I love them. When I eat when is listed in the plan my body feels great. I've tried doing my own meal planing and I just don't have the same results. They way the combine the foods together really works for me.

The only issue is I don't honestly want to eat the same meal plans rotating every 4 weeks indefinitely. I'd like to try some new recipes but still get the same wellness benefits.

I considered the other day purchasing one of their vegitarian meal plans just to give me some more options. My question is for anyone that may have tried both the vegitarian and the ominivore meal plans: How different are they really? Is it basically the same thing with the proteins switched out? I don't want to buy another plan and find out it's basically exactly what I have already, just with tofu instead of chicken if you know what I mean...

Any advice?