My February Check In // WORKOUT COMPLETE! //


Hello! Beginner and a long time lurker here.

After a really long break I started to workout on 8th February. I've been doing independent workouts for beginners (or just made them beginner friendly). I've been working out 30-45 minutes per workout day and it has been amazing until I got sick in the last week of February.

I added a pic of my February's Workout Complete journey. Looking at it makes me feel like I have actually achievement something! :) I wonder if it's the same for you too? It's like a board with trophy badges.

So yeah, currently I'm very sick. I tried to do some stretching routines instead of HIIT/Low impact/Strength training routines in the last five days of February but now just doing a downward dog feels like a pure torture. All the snot runs down to my brains. Normally it feels amazing and relaxing.

I have no idea when I can come back and it's really discouraging. All the little progress I've made so far feels like vanishing away. But I will try my best to not let this down though it's not easy. I want to start the FB's Low Impact Program combined with FB Reach Program after I get better so there's something to look for.

I hope you all will have a strong March and lots of Workout Complete marks on your calendar!

// Sorry for my grammar mistakes!