Need advice for working out while having very physically demanding job

I work a seasonal landscaping job that can be very physically taxing and completely exhausting. Long days doing all kinds of squats, walking (sometimes running), carrying heavy loads, and mulching which is a great cardio/strength activity. Last year was my first with this type of work and I was sore almost every day! I didn't do any FB videos except stretching which I desperately needed. My days off were for doing chores, resting, and hiking.

Over the winter there is a couple months of downtime and I was able to do FBSweat and was really pleased with how quickly my cardio & strength came back after about 9 months of not doing strength training or hiit.

Hoping that this year I can manage to incorporate more FB videos into my schedule. This kind of job has a lot of repetitive motions which can lead to strength imbalances, for example the muscles on the right side of my back became noticeably larger than the left. Also, some "problem" areas that I've worked hard to gain muscle and tone slowly diminished a bit. I just want to make sure I maintain balanced, total body strength and cardio.

Anybody else have a similar situation and/or can offer advice? Thanks!