How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Eat Intuitively + Kelli's Thoughts

You’ve heard us say this often, but when it comes to overall fitness, diet, and exercise, everyone is different, and our bodies respond differently to different things.

And while there are no universal answers, quick fixes, miracle diets, or magical exercise equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals, there are things that you can do to affect your health positively.

When it comes to diet, one strategy we mention regularly is eating intuitively. Since many of you were asking for more detail, we asked a Registered Dietician to provide some of the basics in this article, “How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Eat Intuitively.”

For a more “first-hand” take, here’s a vlog and article Kelli did a while back, “I Don't Work Out or Eat Like You Think I Do: An Argument for Moderation.”

It will take some research and even trial-and-error on your side, but the good news is that if you want a healthy, fit body that is more easily maintained over the years, a smart, moderate approach to both diet and exercise is very often the best way to go.

What has worked for you? Have you found your sweet spot when it comes to diet and exercise?