Erica's workout complete for August 4th.

Workouts planned this week: 4

Workouts rescheduled/removed this week: 0

Workouts completed this week: 2

How I feel in general today:

Better than yesterday when I was so sensitive, emotional and sad. I'm much calmer today, and right now I kind of just feel that I want to be alone and have time for myself and God. Doing a workout can often be a good time to just be alone and take care of myself, so I'm hoping that I will have a good time working out.

How my body feels today:

A little bit tired, which is nothing new, even though I stayed in bed for a long time again. A massage would feel great, actually, but that will have to wait for another time. Also, the inside of one of my cheeks is still hurting a little from the blisters.

What workout/s did I do:

Independent workout.

A 35 minutes cardio and toning workout (3/5).

A 5 minutes cool down and stretch (1/5).

40 minutes total.

How did it go:

I showed up and I eventually earned my workout complete. That was the good part about today's workout. The less positive thing is that I didn't like the workout and some (but at least not all!) of the exercises felt hard to do. Even the warm up was tough with 1 minute intervals, and during the last warm up exercise which was jumping jacks I had to take 1-2 seconds breaks towards the end and even do a modified version for a couple of seconds just to keep myself moving. After that there was just a LOT of breaks throughout the entire workout, but especially during round 2 when I seemed to take a break almost after every interval being unmotivated feeling that it was so hard. No modifications were shown throughout the workout either, but eventually I tried making some up by myself hoping I didn't ruin it by making ”bad” modifications. Except for round 2 I had breaks between the rounds and one in the middle of each round, so that was at least a little bit more reasonable. Honestly I was tempted to give up after the second round, but I pushed through wanting to earn my workout complete which feels a little extra good today. And in general I just want to add that although sometimes I don't mind rounds I do like the ABAB format a lot better, and one of the major reasons for that is that rounds can feel really tough if there's exercises that you find hard or don't like. Because you know they will just keep coming back. You can't ”get them over with” in the same way.

How do I feel now:

I feel proud of myself for making it through the workout and now I get to relax for the rest of the day. I'm a little sensitive on and off again, but I'm just trying to relax and take care of myself knowing that one day this will all be over. My fiance sent me two worship songs before and listening to especially one of them makes me calmer and reminds me that I always have God no matter what.