FB Abs Round 2 - Day 20 & 22 - Recovery Workout + HIIT & Cardio

I completed my workout for yesterday. It was a nice relaxing recovery workout with Kellie and it was a combination of stretches, yoga, and pilates all in the mix for the 35 mins. It felt so nice to get a day off from the working out and let the body relax from all the hard working on the upper body and lower body, but I also added in a walk before doing the workout which I'm going to be doing it everyday when I'm here with my mom. After that I cleaned the Alpaca pen and then I did the piano then I was just reading my book and I think that's about it for the morning. Then that afternoon I picked the fruits and pulled out the hoses so my mom and Allen could water the upper and lower driveway, while I went down on the lower property and was playing with my toys.

Now I am on to today and the workout that I completed for today was a HIIT and Cardio workout with Kellie again, and it was hard because by the time the workout was over my legs felt like jello. I cleaned the Alpaca pen after that then we spent the rest of the morning going down to the river and picking the blackberries along the river bank. There were some big blackberries and I would say that this year is a good year for blackberries, because they are big and juicy and we must of got at least 5 to 6 pounds of just picking blackberries. After all of that I was wore out from the very busy morning of just being outside all morning working around the house and down at the river. This afternoon I picked the rest of the fruits and the vegetables and we got a good harvest of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, squash, zucchini, and cucumber. Then I went down to play on the lower property for about an hour or so then after that, I came up and took care of the animals for the night before I went inside the house.