Erica's workout complete for August 3d.

Workouts planned this week: 4

Workouts rescheduled/removed this week: 0

Workouts completed this week: 1

How I feel in general today:

Really sensitive... I woke up this morning feeling that way. I miss my fiance and I just really want something to happen soon so that we can be together. I love him and I don't want to have to be on the other side of the Atlantic anymore. I know that God is in control and that everything will be okay, but sometimes your emotions doesn't seem to get it. I talked to my fiance while I was out grocery shopping, which was also a 10 minute walk altogether since I went to the closest store this time. I felt a little better after having talked to him at least. I know it will be okay, I just don't feel very okay so far today.

How my body feels today:

Kind of tired even though I was snoozing for way too long again, and the inside of one of my cheeks hurts a little bit because I got some blisters or something. Ouch.

What workout/s did I do:

Independent workout.

A 50 minute Pilates butt and thigh workout (3/5).

How did it go:

It went well. I didn't really feel like doing it first and 50 minutes felt like a long time, but I remembered how good I felt after the 40 minute stretch and tone workout last week so that helped. :) It was a good and relaxing workout, and I didn't need any extra breaks (even though that would have been completely fine too). I did start to get more tired towards the end, but then it was just the last exercise and the cool down left so I just pushed through. And oh, my right side is more stiff than my left side...

How do I feel now:

A little bit better, but I'm still sensitive and hurting. Just not as bad. The workout was relaxing, and I needed that. I got to focus on something else and relax at the same time, and then rest for a while before taking a relaxing shower. Now I'm watching the streaming from (online) church yesterday and just trying to take care of myself and stay positive and full of faith. One day this will all be over and I will get to be with my fiance. I will get to marry him. We will get to share our lives together and this will just be a distant memory.