I'm back from Japan!

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm all that well known on the forum but I thought I'd said 'hi' after being away for over a month.

My trip in Japan was probably the pinnacle of my 18 years. Especially after being unwell last year and not having much to do at home. My trip really shook things up and I'm finding I'm feeling unfulfilled already. I only got back on Sunday!

I spent over a fortnight in Tokyo, a week in Koriyama, did a day trip to NIkko and then went on a Shinkansen ride down to Kirishima and Ebino. I had a train pass and it paid itself off multiple times after using the Shinkansen!

I kept up FB, taking my small dumbbells with and my mat. I was often sore after walking all day so FB helped with that. Honestly, I feel like I came back fitter than when I left!

I had a 22 hour total flight via Doha on the way home and my back is still easing off!

Anyone else been to Japan? Tokyo is incredible and I'm planning another trip within 5 years!

Hi to Victory- I saw you're post about your trip. Travelling can do so much for a person.