FB Abs - Round 2 - Day 19 - HIIT + Total Body Strength

I completed my workout and my extra credit for today. It was with Kellie for the HIIT and Total Body Strength workout and it was about 35 mins. I think and the extra credit was with Daniel and it was hard to do but the Abs got in a good workout. We got in a good walk this morning and it was about 20 mins, because we try to get in a mile into our walk so that way we have got in a good walk for the morning. This morning after the workout and having breakfast I cleaned the Alpaca pen and gave them feed but they were good on water. Then I called and talked to my Grandpa for about an hour on the phone with him just talking about getting my braces off, and working around the and that the fact, I'm going to be starting school back up next week that I'm with my dad. I also did my clothes but I haven't done my sheets yet, I met to do them this morning but I think that I'm going to do them tonight, and if I don't do them tonight then I will have to do them tomorrow. This afternoon I picked the fruits and the vegetables because there was a bunch of them that needed to be picked, and then I spent some time with the kittens and then I took care of the animals for the night. I almost forgot to tell you that my mom signed me up for FB Plus for 1 month so I can try it and see if I like it or not.