staying fit during the quarantine is hard

It's been hard over these last 5 months, in general, but especially staying fit. I feel silly complaining about this, there is enough hardship going on, but I have worked so hard over the last 1.5 years loosing much needed weight (30pounds) and building muscle, everything seems to be falling apart. Ok, that sounds dramatic, but I have gained 15 pounds and am being pretty hard on myself. Working form home means that I don't get out to walk as much as I use to, I exercise, but not as hard as I once did, my eating habits have been slipping. (TMI) I also have gotten on new antidepressants that I think it's contributing to the weight gain. It's all pretty discouraging. I know we are works in progress, but I just don't feel comfortable in my body and it bring back pre-fitness blender feelings when I was overweight and unhappy.

Fitness Blender is a wonderful outlet to speak about things things. My friends are lovely and supportive, but this type conversation and concern is not something they could identify with. I'm just hoping I can get back on track!

Ok, thanks for reading!