HKS (Healthy, Kind and Support) Accountability Group August 1

Heylo sweet folks 🙂

And just like that (or not), August is here! Again, I'd like to start today's post by thanking all those who shared your stories yesterday 🙂

Here's what mon cahier suggests: "je m'autorise à prendre du temps pour moi et à en profiter pleinement sans culpabiliser!"/ "I allow myself to take time for myself and make the most of it without feeling guilty"

So last evening my boyfriend treated me to a surprise dinner, just to celebrate start of holidays (for him). I find it amusing how he acknowledges small changes and finds happiness in them. I've been making efforts to take my holidays more seriously (sounds ironical, isn't it!?) - I mean to simply just be. Hmm, ain't easy that. Well then, here's to recognizing my happy place and to just soak that in.

On most 'rest' days, my couch with a book and some background chill music makes for my happy place. Or biking by the river, alone mostly. On days I've just wound up a deadline, I like to just mechanically watch something funny, that makes me happy. Or any place by nature, mountains or sometimes beach/lake as well. Or spending hours in a bookstore. So there 🙂 What's your happy place? And do you find it easy to grant yourself that time and stay guilt free?

Workouts: It was optional pulse challenge day. But I haven't done anything so far. I might do something this evening, even if stretching. I'm off for holidays next week, so might as well do some workouts this weekend! How's it going for you?

Speaking of next week, Hosting: If I'm not wrong, Christmene had kindly volunteered to host starting Monday. Could you please confirm? For any of you interested to host the HKS thread for a week, please do express your interest in your checkins today (even other days), and we (Storm and I, who are just keeping a tab to make it easy) will find a week for you 🙂

So here's to a calmer and kinder weekend to all 🤗

P. S. These checkins are open to all, please feel free to pop by and say a hello, we'd love to hear from you.