FB Abs - Round 2 - Day 18 - Upper Body Strength

I completed my workout for today. It was a Upper Body Strength workout with Kellie and it was hard because I wasn't even halfway through it before my arms started shaking from lifting the weights up. But I didn't even want to do a upper body workout today, because I wanted to do a lower body workout, or a HIIT workout, or a Abs workout. I would have done any other workout than doing a upper body workout with Kellie that was hard to do, because it was a 4/5 out of how difficult the workout was actually going to be for today. But sometimes you just have to believe that you can make it through the whole workout without having to give up halfway through the workout, you don't give up just because the workout is too hard and you can't do it or you don't want to do it at all. That's the kind of talk that makes you not want to workout at all because of the different types of workouts that you have, because in order to get your body back into shape you need to do the workout even if it's too hard for you to do it, or that you just think that you can't do it. Oh I almost forgot that I took care of the animals for the night and made sure that they have plenty of food and water to last them for a long time.