Erica's workout complete for July 31th.

Workouts planned this week: 4

Workouts rescheduled/removed this week: 2

Workouts completed this week: 2

How I feel in general today:

I don't feel like doing anything but rest today, but I try to hang in there. It makes me kind of sad feeling so tired and it eats away at my motivation. I almost feel good about my friend not being able to meet today after all, even though I'm pretty sure we would have had a good social distancing time together. But I'm happy that the letter from my fiance arrived from the US. It ”only” took a little under two weeks this time to make its way across the Atlantic.

How my body feels today:

TIRED, like usual, and like I just don't want to do anything except lay on the couch and rest. I have to push myself to do much of anything at all. I just got back from the grocery store, so that was a walk for about 20-25 minutes back and forth. It got me even more tired, and it was ”just” a walk... but I will still push myself to do my workout for today.

What workout/s did I do:

Independent workout.

A 40 minute stretch and tone for core stability and back health (2/5).

How did it go:

It went well. In the beginning I was still feeling like I didn't really want to do it, but after a while I started to feel more relaxed and at peace. This ended up being exactly what I needed. Sometimes I did the easiest version of an exercise and sometimes the harder version, and no breaks were needed.

How do I feel now:

I feel better now than I did before the workout. I'm still a little tired, but my mood is better. I ended up having a relaxing shower after the workout and then I sat down to read the letter from my fiance. And my friend... we're meeting tomorrow instead for a social distancing dinner outside.