Help with FB Plus

Hey all! I've been a member of FB Plus since it first launched but I originally subscribed to auto renew every month instead of yearly just in case I didn't want to continue with the subscription. However, I love the plus contents and want to up my subscription to auto renew yearly to save some of that hard earned cash. I know that I can do this by unsubscribing then resubscribing once my end date has past. I was wondering if I did this would I lose all my saved notes and tags that I've already made on the workout dashboards of the videos I've completed. Has anyone done this before or perhaps know the answer? I definitely don't want to lose all my notes because I use that to track my progress. For example, I'll put the weight I lift for each exercise, how I felt before and after the routine, and notes on what I liked/disliked about the video to reference when I'm scheduling my weeks routines. Thanks in advance!