Previous FB Results (8 Week Fat Loss), Starting Journey Again

I started FB 8 week program my senior year of college (2 years ago) and killed it! I worked out everyday with the program, ate clean and was active walking to and from class and running on the weekend with my roommates. I had awesome results and was able to graduate feeling incredible!

Over the previous 2 years, I started working a sedentary job and began a relationship that encouraged me to be more lax on my nutrition. I didn't have a good gym situation so I stopped doing the fitness blender programs. Now, I'm in a better situation and ready to get back on track! I gained back about 15 lbs and would really like to lose about 20-25 to get back to a goal weight. But ultimately I'm not all that concerned with the scale number. I just want my clothes to fit better and to feel fit again!

Hoping for support on this journey! I'm follow FB Bored Easily 4-week program and doing their 4-week meal plan. I'm going to cycle through that until I get the results I'm desiring and then maybe do a more targeted program (abs, etc.).

Would love the support of anyone on the same journey!