New FB Plus Feature: Custom Workout Tags

You may have noticed something new on video search and dashboards…you can now label and categorize any workout with your own custom tags! This is a new FB Plus feature that can help you organize your favorite videos. Here are some cool ways we’ve been using tags.

Create custom workout categories
We now offer over 600 workout videos. Each workout has its own training style, length and intensity level, but they also have their own feel & personality. With tags, you can create and save categories. By adding personalized tags you then have your own custom way to search for the exact videos you want.

This is especially useful when you’ve just finished a workout, to help you remember exactly how it made you feel later, and easily find it again.

The tags you create are entirely up to you - here are some tag ideas that Daniel and I came up with:
Lazy day 😴
Pure strength
Sweaty πŸ˜…
Chill out stretch
In the morning πŸŒ…
Cardio Cardio Cardio
15 minutes πŸ•’
Never done before
Easy on wrists
No jumping
Go big πŸ’―
Love to hate
Before bed
Boring but important
Lunch break
With the kids
Burnout round

These are just suggestions - these are completely open fields for you to create.

Personal routines
Have a few videos that you use to build your own personal routine? You can add tags to videos like “routine day 1” or “routine day 2”, or “Mondays”, “Tuesdays”, etc, and then leverage the video tag search to quickly find your videos for each day.

Organize your favorites
The tags work within your favorites! If you have a large amount of favorite videos (who doesn’t), tags are a great way to label and filter your favorite videos.

Personal flags
You may have videos you want to do repeatedly, or maybe ones you want to avoid all together. Tagging videos can be used to flag them as a reminder every time you look at the video dashboard (you’ll find your tags right below workout video notes).

Surprise Me + tags
Surprise Me works great with tags, just like it does with filters! Check it out by tagging videos (e.g. “kickboxing”), then use the video tag search to filter by tag and click surprise me.

Video quick links
There is a new tag widget on your My Fitness > Statistics and Trackers page that shows all your tags. With one click on any tag you can see all videos under that tag. It’s an easy way to have a bookmark of videos.

We’re curious, what will your categories be? How will you use tags? We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Plus has a big feature coming in a little over a month, and we think you’re really going to like this one. Do you have any guesses as to what it might be?

Thanks for working out with us!


PS Have you tried yesterday’s new free workout yet? Also - be on the lookout for a new Plus workout coming later this week!