Sometimes, ya gotta improvise...


So, I think we all have workouts that hit our target areas better than others. Some days, I just don’t feel a burn. Some days the combination moves just isn’t working for me.

Yesterday was one such day. I made it through 20m of a workout and felt close to nothing. Proceeded to work through another 10m workout (neither of which I’d ever done) and still no burn! I still don’t know what was going on, and yes, I know all about lifting heavier and activating muscles. I was so envious of Kelli sweating it out! Anyway, I was ready to throw my mat at the wall and then I realized that the Segars have equipped me with the knowledge of moves and structure to organize my own sessions for such a time as this... So, I did! I put together some of my favorite moves and ended my session sweaty and wobbly, just how I like it! Grateful I didn’t let frustration take over and grateful to have wonderful coaches like the Segars!