Fit Round 2 Complete (6th Program Complete!)

Well community, I officially finished FB Fit Round 2! Which also marks my 6th program complete since January of this year!!! I’m down 32 pounds and have had consistent measurement changes as well. I’ve stuck to the FB recommendations of watching my calories and eating clean while allowing myself the freedom to eat things I want in moderation. I’ve been able to do this with minimal equipment: 5, 10, 20lb dumbbells and 15lb kettlebell, extra squishy exercise mat and an exercise ball.

My goals are close! I’m looking to lose another 1% body fat and I have a particular size in clothing I’m shooting for that I’m not super close to, but I’m actually finding myself more interested in building muscle than I thought I would be.

Out of all the programs I’ve done, FB Abs 2 has been my favorite followed by Fit 2. Abs 2 was just plain fun. I found myself smiling and laughing a lot during those workouts. Fit 2 was an incredibly organized and effective program. The program itself is built for results. My endurance and ability are vastly improved. Even on days when I was tired, my body could still meet the challenge.

I have also very genuinely appreciated this community during this time in my life. I’ve been with FB for 5 years or so but never spent much time on the forums and had never completed a program. I get it now!

On Monday I am planning to start FB Abs 2 again! I wanted something fun to celebrate completing Fit 2 so this is my reward. Hope you all are staying consistent and choosing yourself, even for just 10 minutes today.

Thanks Kelli and Daniel, and thanks FB fam!