HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group July 19

Happy Self-Care Sunday to Everyone,

Thought for the Day:

"With increasing awareness, I become more patient in making decisions. Rather than feeling pressured, I may say to someone, "I’ll think about that, and get back to you.""

Today is suppose to be my rest day, but because we will be in the city all day tomorrow and have to leave home around 6am I am doing Monday workout today.

Day 22 of Flex and Reach. Plus the last day of the Flexibility Fun Challenge.



Savannah and I are going to start our day with another walk. Both of us really enjoyed the time together yesterday.

Our host for the upcoming week will be Zoe. Looking forward to see what she shares with our thread.

I probably will not check-in on Monday because we will be in the city all day for Savannah's orthodontist's appointments. Big day getting her braces off.

So I hope everyone does something nice for their self today and has a great start to the week.

Peace, love and harmony