I'm in such a dillema...

Long story short, I've been following FB since 2013 on and off due to a leg injury I had a few years ago.

In march, I joined a gym again after two years of "rest period" due to that injury.

Quarentine happened. Gym closed. Result: I bought 4 programs of FB that were 70% off. Already did Sweat and Bodyweight. I'm currently on week 6 of FBFit and my next one is Abs that someone recommended me here 🙂

The thing issss... my gym is open again and now I don't know if I should go back or keep working out at home like I do now. I don't regret my decision and I actually can see A LOT of changes. FB is that amazing!!

So, my dillema: I'm torn between going back to the gym or buy one year of FB Plus, which is A LOT cheapear than one year of gym - and I live in Portugal, I have to convert the price. Still FB is cheaper.

For everyone who has FB Plus, do you recommend it? I feel very tempted, but I also feel I would miss my hidrogymnastic classes, yoga, pilates or cycling... However, I'm a part time student/worker and is very hard to support both gym AND FB Plus...

Help a girl out... 😁