Animal Chiropractor

Been wondering if I should post this, but feel I should for all animal lovers/parents out there.

My beloved dog, Zoey, almost broke her back in May chasing a squirrel (she jumped off my bed when a squirrel ran by the window and she landed so wrong). X-rays showed no broken bones (Thank God), but the veterinarian put her on some major pain pills. She wouldn’t drink water or eat for a couple of days due to the pain. Naturally I was freaking out.

After a couple of weeks of this, she improved about 30% and then nothing. Her appetite remained very low to the point I fed her baby food. No energy, I carried her pretty much everywhere. She is only 6 years old. My heart was breaking every day.

With nothing to lose, I found an animal chiropractor; he has saved her life! One month and 4 adjustments later, my dog is like a puppy again. She is doing things she hasn’t done in years, ie. rooting around in her toy basket, sneaking water bottles out of the recycling bin to play with, pulling me on our walks. It’s awesome!

I wanted to share because I never knew chiropractor medicine applied to animals, less expensive than the vet and.... comes to the house! What I paid in vet bills vs 1 month of the chiropractor home visits, I’m still saving money.

Wanted to share this in case anyone out there is struggling and desperate for a solution for their animal. Also sharing if anyone out there knows about this and could share any other information. Older I become, feel society should ask more questions, do homework before accepting what society traditionally conveys. Caveat.... I LOVE VETERINARY MEDICINE, just wish sometimes vets would consider alternative methods, when appropriate.

Thanks and that’s all I got.

Stay safe and hope my post helped someone 😁