Today, as many other mornings, I went for a swim in the river. It’s a local open concept of a beach. I go there early in the morning and I leave when I see more than 10 people, which is usually when the sun starts to burn my skin anyway(don’t worry, I use sun protection).

However, today the sun was mild, and I had nowhere to be, so I stayed there and as it seems – I overstayed.

A bunch of people was there when I was going out of a river, and some girls (actually, women) commented “Look at hers STRETCH marks. By the looks of her ENORMOUS legs, it’s obvious she was a BUFFALO.” It was so loud that it’s obvious, it was intended for me to hear. And for a crowd surrounding us.

You know what? If you ‘followed’ me here, you know I’m smaller than a year ago and I also never spoke about stretch marks, because I had NONE. So, for a moment I wasn’t even sure they are talking about me. Only when I set on my towel and saw they are still looking at me and whispering, I started to EXAMINE myself. (I was really doing that because of some comments? Would you?) Guess what? Now I DO HAVE stretch marks! I’m really light-skinned, so I didn’t notice them until now when I got a bit darker due to the sun, but enough for all to see them. Guess what else? I don’t give a damn!!!

It's no surprise that stretch marks, like cellulite, have been looked upon as something we should hide or feel ashamed about. They are deemed as FLAWS we must correct in order to be beautiful. So, we’re expected to find ways to minimize their appearance anywhere on our bodies they've shown up. We should detest them because they are another sign, we haven't achieved perfection. This is completely wrong.

As a woman who wasn’t aware of her ‘flaws’ until today, a woman WITH stretch marks on her thighs and butt (yep, bigger from strenght training), I'll appreciate them as stripes that show I'm mature, strong, and have been living a full life, healthier one to boot. They are my lines, my stripes, my marks, and a part of me forever!


I once wrote here about my friend who is overweight and has very visible cellulite, the one who carries herself so beautiful that you must envy her confidence. She also read somewhere that cellulite is your body saying to you “you’re sexy” in Braille.

I APPLAUD those who proudly embrace their so-called-imperfections. I SHOUT OUT to those who are helping others accepting themselves. We must continue to love ourselves, express body positivity, and embrace our TIGER STRIPES! We've earned them by simply BEING HUMAN and that should never be a bad thing.

So, wheater you’re MALE OR FEMALE, if you're struggling to accept your lines or simply wish to know why they are not flaws, keep reading:

1. Having stretch marks means that you can TRANSFORM yourself, which is quite extraordinary by itself! Maybe your body changed quickly during puberty, or you gained/lost weight/muscles, or you gave birth. Whatever the reason, your body has endured all your life’s living and is still here in one piece.

2. YOU have withstood reshaping into a new you and continued living, so they are your reminder of being strong.

3. You don’t have to fit into any society’s ideal beauty image! The ideal BEAUTY MOLD for women and men has far too long stayed intact. We should accept our bodies as they are and strive to be better for ourselves, to live a longer and healthier life.

4. It’s quite impossible for anyone else to have the exact same stretch marks like you. So, they are almost like fingerprints - UNIQUELY your body accent.

In short – stretch marks are reminders that what may be deemed “perfect” need not apply to you. Also - no, they are not scarring or flaws, rather beautiful features that are remarkably YOU. Embrace your body as it is and strive for better, not perfect.

Now go out there and enjoy your body 'cause it’s the only one you have!