Lockdown Pursuits

Hi, everyone!

While I can't imagine arguing COVID is a good thing, there are certain benefits to being forced to slow down in life--including taking stock of what our dreams, aspirations, and passions are. I love reading stories about how FBlenders are making the most of lockdown by getting back to healthy lifestyles or trying new forms of exercise. But I was wondering, what else are you pursuing during lockdown?

Personally, I've been brushing up on my (remedial) Mandarin Chinese. I lived in China as an English teacher for a year right out of college and fell in love with the language--even though, as a native English speaker, it is SO HARD to learn! One of my biggest victories has been recognizing some Chinese characters: I certainly can't write them, but I can look at them and know what they mean. When I lived in China, my job (and therefore much of my day) was spent speaking English, so I never even approached fluency and much of my Chinese language skills were confined to speaking and listening only, so being able to read anything is huge for me.

So... what are your lockdown pursuits? Picked up any new hobbies? Adopted a pet? Learned any new skills? Invented a fun game with your kids? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Stay well and HIIT hard,