A Little Bit of Motivation

Hiya Blender Peoples!

How are you all? I hope you all are doing well and keeping active in all the ways you can. Whether you have an injury, had surgery, pains, etc if you can find ways to keep active while not worsening anything and listening to your body by all means do. I guarantee you won't regret it.

That being said I know it can be discouraging at times when maybe you go do your favorite workout routine and there so many exercises you can't do or you have a favorite exercise/exercises you like doing but can't anymore. Or maybe even you can't do most routines at all anymore...for now. I've been there many times. So many routines I go through and get all excited to do and then remember, "Oh wait I can't do that. My joints won't let me." Or "I'll need to modify doing this, this, and that." It can be a pain in the neck but in the end it's for your own good if you want to recover because I know I do. I still don't know what's wrong with my joints but I do know I want them to recover.

Even stretching routines are a problem. There's a lot stretches you might not be able to do now. Sometimes I have to do stretches seated but I don't get as much of a stretch becsuse I'm sitting down or when I stand up I have to limit my range of motion but don't feel anything. So I can't get a proper stretch. I don't know about you guys but my joints have gotten worse recently. I simply went for a walk with my mom and sister yesterday to the doctor (it was extremely hot) and I came home to my joints telling me, "Yeah...that walk you just had....haha...you'll regret that later."

I know all that sucks and isn't fun to not be able to do things you never could before BUT that doesn't mean you can't. I mean in terms of limiting your range of motion to the point where you can do something. Whether that's bodyweight or extremely light weight. If you have to do a routine seated do it seated. You'd be surprised how much core work you get from that let me tell you. If you have to stop halfway and go straight to the cool down don't be ashamed you did what you could and that's a plus. It's better than nothing isn't it? What matters is you showed up. If you end up having to reschedule multiple times because you're in too much pain or you aren't feeling it then reschedule and do it when you can. It's better to reschedule 100 times than to do a routine and not make anything out of it (if that makes sense).

The reason why I'm making this post (maybe I should've said this at the beginning but my thoughts are all over the place as usual but I'm sure you guys get it...I hope...😅😂) is not to rant or complain but to remind all you guys who are going through things like this is to remember you can still take care of yourself and do what you need to do with like I said caution. You may even learn a lesson too. I know for me my joints have taught me a lot when I workout. For instance, to SLOW DOWN and think about my form. My form is a lot better now and I even understand how to properly do exercises a whole lot better, and even what to engage when since my joints started hurting. I understand the importance of low impact routines and how moving slowly can really make a difference. Before all this I knew these things but I guess never took the time to really appreciate the little things (low impact routines and moving slowly) now I get it so when I am able to move a lot quicker I'll get a lot more out of the routines I do.

It's like Storm told me, "It's a blessing in disguise." I complete agree because I'm learning a lot with this experience and when I recover I'll be more aware and I'm sure a lot of you will too. So don't feel discouraged do what you can when you can. Hopefully this made sense made some people's day. I know I needed this and I decided to post about it in case anyone else needed to hear this. This goes for people who don't have this either too.

Have a Blessed day guys!