First full week of training


I've been using FB videos on and off for about 2 years now. Back in November I became committed to achieving better health and losing weight and made exercising a priority. But then in December I caught a cold which turned into bronchitis, which left me unable to work out at all, as even just unloading the dishwasher would send me into an endless coughing fit. It took me forever to get over this. I can say that only around the 15th of this month did I stop having coughing fits at the tiniest physical movement.

So I made a plan for last week and I'm proud to say I completed my first week of exercise in a long while. The first workout was tough, I had to skip 4 20-seconds intervalls during that HIIT workout. I can tell that my energy level is not the same as before. But by the end of the week I was fine. I do have to modify some exercises, no full push-ups or burpees for me, but I'm doing what I can and I have my workouts lined up for this week. I'm not ready to follow a FB plan yet, so I'm making the most of this amazing website and all the videos to create my own plan for now. I think my first week was balanced enough but I'm looking to add a core workout this week (the one thing I hate the most).

I must say that reading about everyone's successes and workouts completed is great motivation. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share their story and progress.