Perspiration Pals- July 13.

What's up, P Pals? 😉

Well, well. Meme says it all. 🥵For the entrée of last week of Sweat, let's evaporate ourselves. I mean, why jump squats all the way through?🙄 That's just mean, pure evil. I once did something similar- burpees for active rest - crazy 😈ish. 🤪😂

The butt is actually made up of many different muscles but the three predominant muscles are the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus - and all my glutei are heavily sore!😳😅

And then EC with HIITing. Why? Why?🥵

I will definitely enjoy some chocolate now. Asap! 👌🍫😎

Tell me, how is your day? 😊