Flexible fun community challenge day 1

Hello hello FB family, ready for day 1? I know I am!

So for today's line up we have these:

30 minutes: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/3-day-flexibility-challenge-day-1-fluid-full-body-stretches-for-flexibility-and-stress-relief


10 minutes: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/chill-out-stretching-pilates-yoga-workout-for-flexibility-and-calm

Remember that the options are there depending on how you feel for the day. If you’re really busy then make sure to pick the shorter option or if you have a spare 30 minutes, feel free to do the longer session. 30 minutes is preferable but even if you can only do 10 minutes DO NOT WORRY! These 10 minutes are better than 0 minutes and it will feel sooooo good by the end.

I personally will be doing the longer option and it is one of my favourite stretching routines. I am also going to do this before bed too in order to get a little sleeping benefit.

My question to you all is: do you listen/watch anything whilst doing these routines, or are you the kind of person that needs complete silence for stretching? I personally need to listen to something to help make the session go by so I listen to some podcasts.

To all of you who need some background noise, what did you listen to today?

Happy stretching!