HKS accountability group july 12th

I want to start of with a big compliment to Storm for doing this every day for the past 18 months. It is much more difficult then I thought to come up with a nice thought or quote every day. I enjoyed it though.

Yesterday we had a barbecue at my sister in laws to celebrate they had put on the new roof. My husband helped a lot. He used to be a carpenter and the tradition is to have "pannenbier" (rooftile-beer) when the roof is done. So they did.. (there were a lot of helpers yesterday).

Today I finished the blue-ribbon challenge and my week of hosting this group, so I will give myself a treat as well, I'm thinking about having a really nice special coffee and breakfast..

So in light of that my last thought for this week is this: celbrate personal victories because noone else understands what it took to accomplish them.

Storm will be taking the wheel again next week. Not sure if she will continue after that or if she wants someone else to do it, but I bet she will tell us :)

Like my granddad used to say: goeie zondag (good sunday)!