Weekend Ghost Check-in: Saturday July 11

Hello Blenders! Welcome to the weekend!

What's the plan for today? For me, Saturday is for meal planning and grocery shopping - the sooner it's done, the sooner I can relax. Unfortunately, it was an extra long task this weekend. We needed bread, and my usual supermarket doesn't have a nearby bakery, so I had to go farther afield - then back to my usual supermarket because I don't like shopping at the ones near the bakeries. I took my daughter along (yes, in her mask), and all went well at the bakery... Then as soon as we were in the supermarket: "I need to go to the toilet." So off we went home and I had to go out again.

But the shopping was finished in the end, which meant we could have dinner after all. Did you manage dinner tonight? Or was it emergency takeaway? Or best of all - did someone else cook for you?

I was in charge of dinner here: dumplings and Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce. Can't complain!

Meals take centre stage on Saturdays because of the meal planning, but workouts are important too! What's on the cards for today? A program or your own choice? A well-earned rest? How did all the Blue Ribbon Blenders go with your challenge this week?

My evening was as disorganised as my shopping trip, and my scheduled workout didn't happen. But I did get some exercise! Some of my friends and I are having a (virtual) talent show, and I recorded an Irish dance. Now, that may not sound like a lot of exercise, but I assure you, there were plenty of false starts. I don't know how K&D do it!

Come and check in with me: did you manage a more organised Saturday than I did??!





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