Workouts/Stretches for My Mom?

Hello Blender Peeps!

I was wondering what you guys would recommend my mom to do for workouts and stretches. She's always telling me that if she could join me when I workout she would but most of the exercises I do are too much for her. Sometimes she'd join me for a bit anyway and then stop but she does have fun. Also, she does say she feels pretty stiff at times too. She's 52 years old and I guess you could say because of her age she can't do too much. At least that's what she tells me. It would be awesome to be able to workout together too. Anything low impact to begin with or anything like that.

She's also well aware of Kelli and Daniel too. She always sees them or one of them on the screen and asks me (in our language) "Is that the couple that's married who workout together?" I always say yes and she's always amazed at people who still move around at old ages. It's like my parents always say and they always encourage me to keep exercising as I get older, "Never stop moving as you get old or you'll just be sitting around waiting for sickness and death." I know it sounds brutal but it's true.

Any FitnessBlender workout recommendations? I say them specifically since she knows who Kelli and Daniel are as I said before. Thank you all in advance!