Just finished Fb Burn Round 2!

Just finished my program and Im so happy! Ive been an avid FB follower for almost 7 years and I finally purchased and FINISHED a program! This was so empowering as I am a busy mom of a toddler and dont always make time but I am convinced this program kept my spirits up during these long very COLD western Canadian weeks. Im so excited to take off for Hawaii tomorrow and can honestly say I look forward to my next workouts. I truly believe these simple effective workouts are awesome and there is something for everyone. K+D...please know that I should be payed for how much a talk about you guys hahah JK. But seriously I've been praising you guys and your work for years. Why spend money and TIME on gym memberships or gimmicks when you can feel good and sweat from HOME? Thanks again! P.s these arent huge changes but I feel much better and thats what counts.