Flex Day 15: FB Throwback Day + thoughts


I customized today’s schedule with throwbacks videos, two of which I’d never done but corresponded to what I wanted to target today. OH MY GOODNESS. We’ve talked about it before, but something about their older videos hits muscles in a brutal way. As you can see in the photo I used very low weights for the majority of this session. A couple of moves I used between 6-9lbs per hand, but 95% of the session was 1-3lbs per hand and sometimes I even had to drop those! I did the cannonball as a pre-workout bc delts are a major focus for me. The videos I did after kept them activated the entire time. It was brutal! If you get a chance, try out the lean arms workout. I loooove the moves in this one. They hit unique places and really expose weak ranges of motion and small muscles. Segars! I’d love more of these types of videos! 😄

Enjoy the weekend everyone!