How do I make this work?

So I've recently acquired a new workout partner who keeps me on my toes quite a lot. He is very lovely and adorable but so demanding of my time. He requires a nap every hour/hour and a half but will only sleep for half an hour. While he's awake he also needs nursing/nappy changes and entertainment, so I don't really have enough time to get a workout in.whe. His dad takes over in the evening I am just too knackered to do anything but eat and sleep.

How do you guys with tiny humans make it work? Are there good workouts that I can do with him on my exercise mat or with him in the carrier? He weighs 8kg, so I could exchange him for my dumbbells?(:D) Any advise is welcome, I really want to get back to working out because it is so so so important for my mental well-being and I also want to get back in shape so I can be a strong and healthy role model for my tiny sqish.