Completed my program + my journey with FB!

Hi FB community! I love reading about your stories so I thought I'd share mine. I'm 25 years old and I was never athletic or sporty growing up, hated PE classes, didn't participate in any physical activities, etc. I also didn't eat well or do much exercise on my own outside of occasional walks or casual bike riding. However, I stayed naturally skinny. As I got older in college I started getting more interested in exercising and started running a mile or two a few times a week, but didn't really like it - I just did it because that's what everyone on campus did. I still didn't eat very well, but tried to make some better choices. I also did some other workout videos (not FB). I filled out a bit more from high school, when I weighed about 110 lbs at 5'4", but this was mostly from growing up, and my constant walking around campus and moderate yet infrequent exercise maintained my weight.

Within 2 1/2 years after graduating college, I was up about 20-25 lbs from what I weighed in college, and peaked at 146lbs in November 2016. This was due to no longer walking everywhere, and still not exercising consistently, although I still occasionally did my short workout video and dabbled with running but never consistently. I also did not eat particularly healthy. Finally, I began working, got married, moved across the country where I knew no one except my spouse, and had an enormous amount of stress, all of which contributed to weight gain and unhealthy habits. Although I was still not extremely overweight or obese, and most people who saw me wouldn't have classified me as "fat", it was an all-time high for me and I noticed myself looking different, clothes not fitting, etc, and started to feel very badly about myself. My parents are very overweight and I knew I needed to make a change right away and be disciplined or else I would end up on the same path with the same weight-related preventable illnesses.

At that time I discovered Fitness Blender and did some workouts, and bought my first program (FBFit) in January 2017. I became more conscious of what I ate, limited snacking/desserts, etc, although I have never and will never force myself into a restrictive/extreme diet - I love food! I still eat bread, sweets, etc, but I did switch to only drinking water - and drinking a lot more of it - except on occasion (also don't drink soda, coffee, or alcohol, out of preference). I continued working out with FB throughout 2017, but traveling, sickness, and work exhaustion caused some gaps in between programs and not always being 100% consistent. I did discover HIIT and strength training which made huge changes in my endurance, strength and muscle tone.

In Nov 2017, I went in for my yearly physical (don't own a scale at home btw) and was shocked to discover I weighed 132lbs! Down 16lbs from a year prior, and keep in mind this was just with FB - not always perfectly - and making some changes to diet - nothing extreme. This was a huge confidence boost!

Now, Feb 23, 2018, I have completed my FB30 R3 program. This is the first time I have completed a program on time and 100% - no missed workouts, and even some extra credit workouts! I don't know if I've lost more weight since November, but I am stronger, have greater endurance, and can tell such a difference from where I was 1 1/2 years ago. My body composition is different/more muscular, I'm more fit, I feel better, and I look better than ever! Exercise is a great stress reliever and it feels amazing to do something positive for my health. Thank you Fitness Blender, and if anyone actually took the time to read this novel, thank you as well! :) Have an awesome day!