Officially been a blender for 5 awesome months! Here's my workout stats and my before and during pictures! Xx

Hey guys! So I've been a blender for 5 months now!! Thought I'd share with you my results!

Since finding fitness blender I have a very healthy relationship with food and working out! And another important thing is I now understand how and when to work out! So thanks to Daniel and Kelli and all you lovely blenders on here i understand that I don't need to go crazy with exercise and over train, I can do it all in moderation with 2-3 days off a week! :) Kelli opened my eyes to strength training and I never looked back! And as for HIIT I've never hated and loved something so much at the same time! Here are some of my changes:

Body: 55 pounds (yes a big change it shows how much I was over eating and over eating with all the wrong food!)

Clothes sizing: from a size 16-18 Australian to a size 8 Australian

Energy: I HAVE LOADS OF IT!!!! I am now an active mum with my kids!! And thats the best feeling in the world!

Junk/fast food: WHAT EVEN IS THIS? Haha just kidding! I used to eat fast food 5-7 times a week.. yes a week! Now: who needs junk food when you have beautiful fresh food waiting for you at home! Although an Ice cream now and then never hurt anyone (haha)

Workouts: when starting I completed 12 mins of a 45 mins workout, I now do the whole video and the 'harder' exercises all the way through!

I can complete a 1000 calories workout every three weeks doing the harder exercises too!

Planks: when I started 17 seconds, now: 1min 30seconds!

Strength training: Heavist weight used was 4 pounds per hand, now I'm 15-22 pounds per hand.

Push-ups: when I first started I could only do the modification on my knees and 5 was my limit, I'm now doing a FULL push up! And 16 is my max!!

Skin: acne has GONE!!!! My skin is so clear it has given me so much more confidence!!

Most importantly to me SUGAR ADDICTION!

I HAD the worst sweet tooth in the world, but now I understand it doesn't have to be sugar! Strawberries and grapes have become my sweet tasting! When it used to be a couple blocks of chocolate!

I cannot believe how strong I feel and healthy! I'm so over the moon with my results! I've gained so much muscle and dropped all my bad habits that made my body become so drained and now I understand how to look after myself properly! Thank you so much FITNESS BLENDER!!!!