Finding the balance

I’m a doctor, parent to a teen and tween, partner and an FB devotee for some years. This year has been pretty challenging (not just for me of course!).

To keep some perspective (and my sanity:) ) I try to do a short meditation twice a day (17-20mins). Our treasured twelve year old dog died in Feb and we adopted a 13 month old untrained breed rescue - she’s wonderful but needs lots of time and effort - 10-12km of walking per day (done in the dark before and after work) + training. My children have been intermittently homeschooling/universitying) and need some time too and I’ve only just managed to create some Saturday date nights for my poor neglected partner and I (in the mist I think our relationship had probably been missing out a little TLC). My FB routine has fallen by the way side. The five day programs I usually do and love are just too much on top of everything else.

I know they will come back but need to find a little balance. Perhaps I can aim for three days a week - thinking predominantly strength (I am getting some very basic gentle cardio with the walking), half hour sessions -40mins at a stretch.

Any advice? Program? Search or adapt the FB30 for busy people program(s)?

Need some inspiration and positivity.

Some days it’s just all a little too much...