HIIT on a rest day


Hey fb community!

Today I just did a 15 minute HIIT routine (it was the extra credit of a workout from the week). Wanted to say that it felt great! I feel rejuvenated and honestly happier and more energetic than I have the whole week (maybe even month :)) Although I usually don't do anything on my rest days, and typically it isn't good to do HIIT on your rest days, I wasn't feeling like I had gotten enough from the week's workouts and decided to try it out. Frankly, it was a lot of a fun for only 15 minutes. I might try working out more on rest days (obviously light workouts - today was an exception). I'm hoping this will prevent me from quitting more often because sometimes when I take two days off, it's more likely I take a third, then a fourth, etc. day off too.

That's all I wanted to say, hope everyone's having a good day! Thanks!