FBFit2 Finished!!

I loved this 8 week program! At first I was a little skeptical about completing it, but I thought that during this quarantine I couldn´t make excuses to do it.

I´ve tried other programs and challenges (not from FB) but tought that they were not demanding enough or on the contrary were too much. And being accompanied by a diet that in my opinion was strict, cutting some food groups or not being able to eat at certain times, following such programs led me to be afraid of food and a unhealthy perfectionism, thinking that if I followed my diet and training I felt well, but the program was so demanding that I reached a point where I gave up, it was all or nothing.

I decided to take this program, do it, relax around food and eat healthy but without restrictions, even every weekend I ate not so healthy food (pizza, hamburgers, tacos, etc.) but that I know makes me happy to eat them.

I´m very proud of my results, I definitely feel stronger, active and happy, these changes motivate me to continue training, I loved the structure, the approach and the way that Kelly and Daniel speak to us during training.

These were my PFT results:

1 mile: 14:10 to 12:30

Full push-ups: 2 to 5

Average push-ups: 20 to 25

Squats: 80 to 130

Plank: 41s to 53s

Flexibility: + 2.5cm to + 11cm

Thank you for teaching me that I don't have to be perfect to see progress and that consistency in a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing.