FBFitR2 Opinion and Before&After + what's up next

Hello to everyone!

My final opinion on Fit2:

I enjoyed the first 5 weeks a lot, after that my motivation declined a bit. I had some personal struggles which played an important role. I had some intense pain in my lower back in the very beginning and really bad pain in my hamstrings in week 7 (all related to bad form). Fit2 was intense for me because you workout for about an hour every day. You have at least 2x a week HIIT, which I can't enjoy anymore now. I think I went too far with FBFit2 in some points but it was a good challenge. Today marks 3 months that I workout daily, which is awesome.

The Results of my PFT:

Run: same time for my run, but I ran more consistently and I could have pushed myself more

Push-Ups: 2 full, 20 half (+1 full, +7 half)

Squat 41 (+12)

Plank 1min10sek (+10sek)

Flexibility +6cm (+0,4cm)

The Results on my body:

as you see on the pictures, the biggest change is visible on my legs. But I also lost around 5cm on my belly (according to my measurements). I'm happy, because I didn't watch my meals so it is all from hard body work.

I can now fit into an M-size for my pants, I'm so happy :D

What's up next:

I think that my habit of working out is established enough. Now I'm going to concentrate on eating healthier and less for weight loss.

I'm going to take a week now where I choose my workouts myself (mostly an intensity of 3 or max. 4). I feel very tired all the time and I don't enjoy working out as much as before Fit2. I hope a week "off" helps. After that, I'll start with FBStrong.

Stay safe!