HIIT workouts not what they used to be

Hey guys

Not sure if its because I'm getting old (just turned 29 haha) but I'm starting to dislike HIIT and looking for more lower intensity exercise which still gets the heart rate up. The thing is I used to love HIIT and done it at least 3 times a week on top of strength training and core exercises. But now...I'm not sure whats happened but my mindset has changed. I hope it doesn't negatively impact my weight....if it does i might just have to force a few cheeky HIIT sessions in haha. Anyone experienced the same thing?

Also to add I've even cut down my weights from 20kg total to 15kg total for squats and deadlifts and enjoying it more, also doing loads more yoga and stretching exercises, never would have thought I'd be slowing down at the age of 29 but hey, I'm listening to my body and it's what it wants.