FBFit Round 2 -Week 8 - Check-In

Hello FB Family,

hope you are all safe and healthy.

My 8 weeks of FBFit are over. I will post a before&after after this discussion with my final thoughts. Here is my opinion on week 8 :)

Day 50 - 1000 calorie workout HIIT, Strength and Abs

I only gave about 70% on this day because I had clay shooting on the next day an didn't want to have sore muscles all over. Even like this I burned 400+ kcal. All in one: nice structure with good exercises.

Day 51 - Cardio 24min + Yoga Pilates Blend + extra credit cardio and abs 21 min

The Cardio was already done during Fit 2. I don't think that it was really a cardio workout because there are a lot of like strength exercises but you still sweat a lot sooo ;)

The extra credit was harder and more cardio-like (2 abs exercises, 2 cardio intervals). My abs hurt by the time it was nearly over and all that was left was the Pilates and Yoga Blend.

In general, I don't like Fitnessblender's 15min+ Stretching routines, so I also didn't like this one. It's too slow paced for me and I skipped some seconds because I was so bored, sorry Kelli 0:)

Day 52 - Total Body HIIT and Toning 31 min + Total Body Strength Supersets 10min + extra credit 7min workout

The HIIT was hard but I liked it. I enjoy "Round of Applause" very much even if it hurts like hell, I don't know why haha

The Supersets workout was ok, I like longer intervals in strength but I didn't like the compound exercises in this one. Don't get me wrong, I like some compound exercises, but not the ones in this workout :P

However, I enjoyed the scientific 7min workout. It was quick and sweaty :)

Day 53 - Stretch and Tone 40min core stability

I had a bad day and my motivation wasn't very strong. I don't enjoy Pilates that much, and especially this free form workout isn't my favourite way of stability/stretching/toning work.

Day 54 - PFT

The last day of FBFit 2 for me. The results will be shared in my before&after. I improved not as much as wanted, but still some good results :)

Workout Program Complete!

See you next time and stay safe