Fit rd 1 Day 9. Ugh! just Ugh!

Hello blenders and happy Friday.

So today I had 2 videos UBS with weights and BW upper body. It really was a contrast of night and day for me!

So first I had this:


Which I loved. Weird as it is very repetitive and I tend to get bored but I sort of found it meditative. Lifting away, watching my form, listening to Daniel's well timed cues (seriously it's like he knows I will be holding my breath, or letting my elbow come forward!.)

I think as I have gotten more into UBS and can see strength gains I love it more and more. So all good, feeling accomplished with nice jelly arms. But then.. this;


Ugh! I assume this was meant as some sort of burn out and to get some back and shoulders in the game but I would rather have done a second weight video.

Couldn't do the first move at all (well I did about 5 seconds.) I can do an up plank and a dip but not the lift as well, I just sink.

I made it through most of the rest taking micro breaks but the pike push up's, at the end!!? I did a few but I am not sure my form was on and I really felt I might fall on my head so I stopped.

Being honest I initially felt quite deflated afterwards. But I realise it just goes to show you v you= hard! and I should feel good about showing up (was very tempted to skip it)